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ROT | Catalogue of the 50th International Theatre Festival

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“Furthermore, ROT therapies are actual non-pharmacological treatments: they consist in revitalising an interest in environmental stimuli, encouraging all war veterans and those with Alzheimer’s to engage with others, re-orientating the confused patient in time and in relation to their own history. For the Biennale Teatro 2022 we will start precisely from this rehabilitative intervention – ROT – and its countless variations. It will follow the thread of the times we live in and illuminate the tremors of a Humanity that needs to invent new forms of life through cultural transfusion.”
The Biennale Teatro 2022 catalogue opens with statements by the President of La Biennale di Venezia Roberto Cicutto and the Directors Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte (ricci/forte), and continues with the motivations for the awards of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Christiane Jatahy and the Silver Lion to Samira Elagoz.
Different shades of red, a reference to the title of the Festival, introduce each artist and the performances in the programme. Starting with a personal reflection on the colour red, each performer is described in a detailed biography, an interview and a personal anatomical detail. Comprehensive credits, in-depth director’s notes and stage photographs illustrate the complete performances of the 50th International Theatre Festival.
One section of the catalogue is dedicated to Late Hour Scratching Poetry. The project, described in the words of the Directors, features the participation of Asia Argento, Galatea Ranzi and Sonia Bergamasco. Detailed biographies, dedicated interviews and photographs introduce the three performers, who will lend their voices to the prose of Alda Merini, while Demetrio Castellucci “sketches out a path of musical evocations that will leave the words suspended in time”.
The catalogue will also present the winners of the Site-Specific, Authors Under 40 and Directors Under 35 Calls of the Biennale College Teatro, introduced with their biographies and a dedicated interview.
A further section of the book details the cycle of Round Tables and Masterclasses in the programme, with the participation of internationally renowned artists.
The catalogue ends with the Day by Day schedule of the 50th International Theatre Festival, from 24 June to 3 July 2022 in Venice.
Graphic design and layout by Studio Headline, Rovereto.