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FIRST SENSE | Catalogue of the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance

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“Today we are desperate to reconnect to the world through and with our bodies and we are, now more than ever, ready to be exhilarated by a return to our fullest embodied existence.
Dance is the greatest of FIRST SENSE art forms and is poised to inspire a spectacular revival”.
The catalogue opens with an original essay by Matthew Fulkerson, Associate Professor of philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, titled Touch and the Body in Motion.
The first part, punctuated by “tactile” pages, presents the Feature Interviews with some of the protagonists of the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance.
The second part of the book introduces, in alphabetical order, the protagonists and the performances with an ample array of images, directors’ statements, narrated biographies. Like a diary, the artists delve deeper and enrich the narrative with their considerations on the meaning of touch and on the future of Dance: “the greatest of the FIRST SENSE art forms”.
As part of the Biennale Danza 2021 programme, the book introduces the work of the dancers and choreographers participating in the Biennale College Danza, “the life force” of the Festival, and the Workshops conducted by international performers, artists, dancers and choreographers.
One section is dedicated to the rich selection of films that focus on the world of Dance and its protagonists, and to the site-specific installations that dialogue with the spaces of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition How will we live together?.
The catalogue ends with the Day by Day presentation of the complete programme of the 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance FIRST SENSE which “aspires to touch you, to move you, both emotionally and physically.”

Ideation: Wayne McGregor
Feature Interviews: Uzma Hameed
Graphic design and layout: Headline (Rovereto)